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James Herriot's Dog Stories

Posted by BookGirl on August 12, 2013 at 8:50 PM

James Herriot's Dog Stories

This is one of my personal favorite books.   It's sort of an autobiography or a collection of short stories.   James Herriot is a real vet who lived in Yorkshire, England around the 50s and later years.  He wrote this book and many other good books. This book is a collection of short stories involving dogs.   They are all true.  Lots are funny, some are sad.   Almost all are heartwarming.   He's a funny man and strange things happen to him. (Including being an uncle to my favorite dog in the book, Tricki Woo.)   This is a very good book, one you can curl up and read for hours.   There is some language, (the S-word 1 or 2 times, God's name in vain, and the word bloody, which is a curse word in England, plus the b-word referring to a female dog)   Most of these words, however, are just regular words in their world.  I am NOT saying these words are acceptible, but that they are not cuss words to them. So I would advise reader caution on this one, but if you can mark those words out, it's a great book.

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