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The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

Posted by BookGirl on August 12, 2013 at 10:20 PM

The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

This is a mouthwatering book.   And I am not kidding.  This book will make you want candy-big time.  Some More S'mores or an Oozing Cruchorama anyone?

                Logan's dad owns the Life Is Sweet candy factory.    This year, the factory has been selected to hold the annual candymaking competition.    Each child can only compete when they are 12.  Logan lives at the factory and loves candy, but can never remember things like the boiling point of sugar or how many ounces in a cup. He's got pressure, as his father and grandfather won the contest.

  There are 3 other contestants,  the weird but loveable Miles, the energetic Daisy, and the stuck-up, suit-wearing, candy-hating, super rich Phillip Ramsford the Third (whose dad totally ignores). The story begins from Logan's standpoint, as they all arive at the factory.   The story swiches from Logan to Miles to Daisy to Phillip back to Logan about every 7 chapters, so you see the story unfold from each character's viewpoint, and they all see different things and a lot differently.  The factory, Logan's prize, Daisy's prestige, Miles' mental health, and Phillip's relationship with his dad are all at stake as they must learn to work together and create the best candy ever.  There are a lot of surprises, but I would say the 2 biggest involve Logan and Daisy.   It's a great book that will make you hungry!  Wendy Mass has written 5 other books than this, and has a website at .    I would totally read a book by her again, and purchased this book for my personal library (read: my bookshelf that I gave a fancy name to).  It's kind of a long book though, (1 in. thick) so those who have almost no spare time will find it eaten up by this book!  I encourage you to read it, and I warned you about Logan and Daisy's surprises!

Note:   Reading over this, I realize it sounds like Logan and Daisy fall in love.   Nope.   No falling in love in this book.  (I personally don't much like books where people fall in love.)

Categories: Older Readers (10-12), Would read again, Adventure

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