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The Last Thing I Remember

Posted by BookGirl on January 17, 2014 at 12:05 AM

Random off topic bit of the day:  My thumb started randomly bleeding while I was reading a book yesterday.  I didn't notice, and then I looked at the pages.   There was blood all over my book!   (And it was a LOOOOOT of blood.)   On around 8 pages!  My beautiful beautiful book!   I still love that book, though.  On the plus side, I can tell people I was reading that book and was attacked, and the blood is really walking gummy bear/orc/mutant wolf/chocolate blood, instead of my blood.    Good thing it wasn't a borrowed book though.   Oh, that would have been bad.  Ok, now to the review....

The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan, book 1 in the Homelander Series

Charlie West woke up about to die.  

He's strapped in a chair, surrounded by terrorists.  The man outside the door just gave the order to end his life.

And he has no idea how he got there.

His last memory is just a normal high school day.   Teachers, classes, his friends.   He writes Beth's (his crush) number on his hand.   He goes to bed, clicks off his light, and falls asleep.   Only he wakes up in this living nightmare.

Charlie West breaks out of the terrorist base, (using his super awesome karate skills) only  to find that almost a year has passed since that last memory.   Since then, he's been accused of killing his best friend, so the police are after him.  And they are ruthless.    Oh and did I mention that the terrorists aren't too happy about losing their captive?

        Pursued from both sides of the law, Charlie must find out WHAT HAPPENED???    He's got to find out what happended to his memory, plus he has to stop one of the terrorists from carrying out an attack.  Can he do it?  And when (oops, if, I don't want to spoil it)  he succeds, can he prove his innocence, protect Beth (spoiler alert!  She's now his girlfriend)  and regain his memory?  Plus, can he save the world from the One Final terrorist attack?

        Ok, so I kind of drew from all the books for the last paragraph.  Can you blame me?  This is a literary masterpiece.  I even heard they were going to make it into a movie.   It's clean, too.  There isn't any cussing, or bad boy/girl stuff.  (Well, besides kissing between Beth and Charlie, but they only kiss like 2 times and they're going to get married.)  There is a pretty big amount of violence, though.  Charlie's a karate master.  And those terrorists, are mean big killing machines with AK-47s.   The police, well, you know the police.   One of the most genius elements of the book is making Charlie, Beth, and Mike, Charlie's karate teacher, Christians.   Humor is everywhere, but it's not stupid Spongebob humor, or inappropriate late night TV humor.  This is hillarious stuff, people.    

       This book is one of my personal favorites and definitly a must read.  It's not just an action movie in a book.  It's so much more.   The story is amazing, and it'll leave you wanting more.   When the movie comes out, I'll be the crazy person waiting outside the theater in a tent for 3 days.  Read the entire series, and you'll come out better for it.

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