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Ranger's Apprentice

Posted by BookGirl on January 21, 2014 at 7:55 PM

    Random off topic bit of the day:  I played volleyball today and my arms are SO SORE.   Who came up with that game, anyway?   "Hmm, let's launch a ball 50 feet in the air and make people hit it with their arms."   It's fun though.    I'm terrible at it, and my arms HURT!!   Fortunatly, I'm getting better.

The Ranger's Apprentice Book 1-The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan

Will lives in a castle.  He was an orphan, left at the doorstep by a Unnamed Person, (who you learn about in the story but it's not a major part of it.)  and brought up in the castle.  There's a tradition for the orphans of the castle:   On a certain year, the craftmasters line up in the courtyard and choose the orphans to work under them.   Will wants to be chosen for Battleschool, but his wiry, short frame makes him unlikely to be chosen.  His frenemy, Horace, will almost certainly be chosen.  The orphans line up.  Will is going to have his career decided.  No one chooses him.   Not a single one.  Until a Ranger, Holt, steps up, making Will his new apprentice.   Will doesn't welcome this at first-the Rangers are a secretive lot, and sinister rumors spread about them.   The Rangers turn out to be simply a group of protectors who are better at concealing themselves than a group of invisible ninjas-and they are awesome!.   Meanwhile, Horace is having more than a little trouble at Battleschool with a group of bullies.  After that problem is finished, Will must face the Kutara at the Ruins of Gorlan.

I really enjoyed this book.   I liked how the story switched back and forth from Horace and Will.   The only problem I had with this book is the cursing.   There is one or two. h-words and 2 or 3 d---mns.   The profanity didn't even flow with the book.   It feels like the author always wanted to get into the Authors Who Have Books With Profanity In Them convention, but never could, so he added the cussing.   Another thing is that (spoiler alert!)  when Horace finally defends himself against the bullies, an adult encourages him to beat them up, and he beats them up until he feels that he is justified.   They needed the punishment, but revenge isn't the answer.

Profanity aside, this was a very enjoyable book.  I will definitly be reading the second one.  Actually, I know I will read the second one, as it is lying right beside me.   If you'll excuse me........

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