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Ask Lily by Nancy Rue

Posted by BookGirl on July 30, 2013 at 12:25 AM

I got this book as a present from a neighbor.  It's called Ask Lilly, book 5 in the Lilly series by Nancy Rue. It's sort of a school story/growing up book.  I usually don't read this sort of book, but hey, why pass up a book?

Lilly has just entered junior high-7th grade, and is trying to stay out of trouble with her super-strict teacher and still hang out with her friends, the Girlz.  Her teacher ( the super-strict one, who knew?) reccomends her to the newspaper staff.   Even though she's a seventh grader, she lands an article series-type thing; basically Dear Abby.  She has to keep it a secret, so she halfway lies to her friends, and that's where her troubles begin. The "snob girls" big brother is her editor, and tells her if she's not "cool" they'll make her life so miserable she quits the paper.  The "snob girls" invite her to a sleepover, and Lily's scared if she doesn't go, she'll be uncool.  She starts lying and cheating all over the place, but at the end it turns out pretty good, and probably how it actually would.  No "Oh, I don't care that you hated me for a week and told my secrets.  Let's be BFFS again! (Hypothetical statment.  Nothing to do with the book.)  It was actually an enjoyable book. 

My only problem is that it was super short- only 14 teeny tiny chapters. Those who enjoy short books will like this one.  Personally, I wanted it to be longer.  But hey, if i get the next one, I'll sure read it.

Age:  This is tough.  It's easy for younger readers to read, but the story is fun enough for older ones.  I'll say 9-13.

Categories: Younger Readers (10 and under), Would read again, School Story

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