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The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery

Posted by BookGirl on March 5, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Random off topic bit of the day:    I am craving something sweet.  I want a Kit Kat.  Covered in cookies and cream chocolate.   This isn't a new theme for me, but rather something I've been dreaming about for quite some time.  Someday I will do it!  I'm not good at crafty things though, so that'll be awhile.  On the crafty note, I'm way behind the duct tape craze, but it's finally starting to catch on for me!   I figured out (ALL by MYSELF, thank you very much)  how to do various duct tape crafts.   I feel so smart and crafty! 

The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery

Valancy lives in a life of boredom.  Day in and day out, she's in the same ugly room that she's not allowed to decorate.  She has to live with her mother and her aunt, who control her every move.  Her only consolation is the books of John Foster and her daydreams of a blue castle, where someone loves her and she's allowed to make her own choices.   She's 29 and has never had a friend, or a romance.   Her family clan controls her- and makes her miserable.  One day, she goes to a heart specialist to find a shocking diagnosis-she has only a year to live before her heart fails. 

She keeps the diagnosis a secret from her family, who would turn it into a soap opera, and finally begins living how she wants to live, not as her commanding family tells her to.   She moves out, and begins working as a nurse to a socially shunned but still decent father and daughter.   Valancy discovers a world she never knew existed- a world of love, humor and adventure.

This book is written by L. M. Montgomery, the woman who wrote the Anne of Green Gables series and the Emily of New Moon series.   I believe this is her first and only adult novel- adult in the sense that it is strictly for adults.   At this time in her life, L. M. Montgomery was in mental pain,  (Google it- all I've been able to dig up is that she was hurting,) and that pain bleeds through to Valancy's pain- giving the reader raw emotion.    I counted two d-mns, which are rare in her work.  Valancy's rebellling against her family's rules at times seem a bit excessive- until you realise that a low necked dress means a dress that isn't a turtleneck, and driving around in a car at 10 isn't bad. 

All in all, this was a pretty good book.  It still has the dreamlike spirit of Anne of Green Gables- but this book gives a frank picture of human suffering, something only to be found in the strictly adult novels of L. M. Montgomery.   It will leave the reader cheering for Valancy as she throws off her family's extremely excessive rules- and adapts sensible rules.   Mark out the d-mns in your book, and this book will be a favorite on your bookshelf for years- just as the other classics of L. M. Montgomery.

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